We wanted to create this section of our website to assure the individual that whilst we pride ourselves on the undertaking large complicated projects, we never want to neglect the home owner who is looking for the assistance of a competent contractor to deliver what for them what can be a stressful and expensive experience if not undertaken by honest quality tradesman.

We give as much care and attention to installing a dropped kerb crossing as we do providing a supermarket with a new surface course, just because it a smaller job doesn’t mean it’s not important to both us and you. 

As portrayed in other sections of our website we have a friendly, knowledgeable, competent and eager workforce ready to assist you in bringing your plans for improvement to fruition.

We can undertake projects from a simple overlay of your existing driveway right through to entire remodelling of the access to your property installed with bespoke flagship materials such as resin bound aggregate surfacing from suppliers such as

Learn more about our resin bound surfacing options here.

We offer you a free no obligation quotation service and will visit you in person to discuss what works you’d like carried out before offering you an open and honest quotation. This can where required be tailored to your budget, where we can explain in simple honest terms the balances that may need to be struck between cost and durability which will depending largely on what you intend to use the area for.

The image to the right shows a residential project that we've undertaken in the past.

Residential projects by Rockstone
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